The Formula for Love – Proof of God

21 Sep

Who is God – The Formula For Love

Proof of God

(G+CR+LF)(F+M)= Love

           What is love? Many people have their own ideas on what love is. What do you think love is. I guess it depends on what you believe in. If you don’t believe in God but you do believe in evolution then you will probably think that feelings are really just chemical reactions happening in the brain and that they have nothing to do with a soul because you would not believe we have souls.

            If you believe in God you will probably believe that feelings are a reminder of God’s image and that feelings come from the spirit because you would believe that we have a soul.

            I believe in both. I believe that we have souls not just for spiritual reasons but also for scientific reasons. I also believe in the chemical reactions not just for scientific reasons but also for spiritual reasons. In fact I believe that everything that God does is very scientific and precise. He did invent science after all.

             Love actually has a formula. Without the formula for love there can be no love. God actually broke Love down into a science.

(G+CR+LF)(F+M)= Love

God+Creation+Life multiplied by Freedom+Mercy= Love

God+Creation+Life= Existence; Freedom+Mercy= Choice

Existence multiplied by Choice= Love

Choice(E)= Love

Love= God

The formula is designed to flow from God and then back to God. For Scientific reasons I believe that God created life, Therefore God must have created all of Existence. Man had to first be created before Man could love. If God had made it so that Man could never turn against Him, or made us praise him, made us talk to Him, and forced us to be His friend, and care about Him then it wouldn’t be freedom. It would be more like slavery. To make us praise Him would make us more like robots than human beings. That is why money cannot buy love, but for the right price people will fake it. Love has to be voluntarily given away. Love is more than just a feeling! We choose to love and care for people even after all the feelings of attraction and lust have faded away. That is where mercy comes in.  I believe that God picked the perfect scenario for mankind. He knew who was going to do wrong and evil before they were even conceived , He knew who was gonna turn on Him before they even knew who God was. This is where mercy comes in. Because of Mercy, God did not destroy us. He could have but He Loves us so much that Every possible situation leads to life after death! The Question is: Do you choose to be with Him because God has given you the choice to be with Him or not. Why would He do this even though we spit in His face, lose faith in him, spread horrible rumors about Him, and go out our way to convince others that He isn’t real? Because He loves us just Like you love you’re child or children.

Thanks for reading and remember that if you are having troubles believing in God and ask the questions, “Is God real? Who is God? What and who is God? Or if you are a fan of Christian Apologetic literature and like to read about intelligent design or learn new things about god and history you can go to and get a copy of “Master Science.” A book that shows proof of God  and proof the bible is true using scientific and historical facts about the world. You can get a free copy! Get yours today!

who is god

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