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24 Mar

Proof the Bible is true and Theology

The Age of the Earth

Just how old is the Earth? Some think that the Earth is billions of years old and some say think that the Earth is only thousands of years old. So how do we determine the age of the Earth? Nowadays we use a form of science called “carbon dating” which is supposed to give us the approximate age of rocks on this planet. Before there was carbon dating, people used family trees and timeline’s to determine the how old something was. The only flaw to this process was the ability to find written records of people who were around since the beginning of time. Sanskrit and Egyptian Hieroglyphs are the oldest written languages known to man and they were not around at the beginning of time.

If you are a steward of the Gospel and you are a fan of Christian Apologetics then you will base your belief on the Original Gospel and you most likely believe in the writings of Moses which happens to be one of our oldest records of History written in Hebrew Sanskrit. The Book of Genesis was considered to be originally Authored by God Himself and published by Moses because Moses played the role of a scribe to Yahweh as He explained the beginning of creation. God told Moses to write down things that Moses himself never witnessed and are just now thousands of years later being proven.

But if science proves that the Earth is Billions of years old why do some people believe that the Earth is thousands of years old? Well the truth is that science never did prove that the Earth is Billions of years old. Carbon Dating was supposed to be a hypothesis to help Counter Christian Apologetics because the carbon dating defies the writings of the gospel just like the so called existence of the Dinosaur. Carbon dating is supposed to measure the amount of radioactive ion decay. Based on the this amount scientist are supposed to create an accurate age for rock (the oldest evidence we have of the past) and give us the age of the Earth. These reading go into the billions which is why many believe that the Earth is Billions of years old but this theory of carbon dating was already proven fallible and incorrect. When scientist study newly formed rock such as that made by lava from volcanoes, they found different ion readings from rocks that are all the same age. Even though the rocks were less than twenty years old the reading given to the scientist by their carbon dating indicated that some of the rocks were 50,000 years old and that some were millions of years old. How could this be when all of the rocks are the same age and less than twenty years old. Because the theory of how to determine the age of rock was flawed many people not believe in the theory that the Earth is billions of years old.

Determining the age of rock has been very misleading in the search for the age of the Earth because many scientist have also based the age of any fossilized object on the rock it was fossilized in. So if the rock had a carbon dating of one million years they would consider the object fossilized in that rock to be a bit older because for it to have been fossilized in rock, new rock would have had to form around it which is why we say certain animals lived millions or even billions of years ago. However when scientist started carbon dating the fossils they discovered that the age of the fossils were millions to billions of years younger than the new rock that formed around it which would be impossible. There have even been fossilized tree branches found in rocks that have a carbon dating of only a couple hundred years but the new rock that formed around it had a carbon dating of one million plus years. Even though these things have been brought to the attention of our scientific community not much is being done change how we determine the age of rock. Remember to always do your own research and never stop looking for the truth.

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